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Blair Excavating Ltd. is a family-owned residential excavating company located in Errington, BC, helping customers with their excavation and roadworks needs in the central Vancouver Island area and beyond.

Blair Excavating

What We Do

From site preparation to rock walls (and everything in between!), we have your residential project covered. Our focus is ensuring your project is started and completed in a timely fashion, while providing quality workmanship that lasts. While working on your project, we exercise finesse and precision to ensure the utmost care in minimizing the impact of equipment on surrounding foliage and land.

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Our Services

Residential Excavation

Blair Excavating has the experience and skill to complete your project on time and on budget.


Land Clearing & Site Preparation

Land clearing consists of removing trees, stumps and foliage. Site preparation consists of providing the grade you need specific to the project at hand, and placing down soil, gravel or any other aggregate to further prepare the site. Our comprehensive land clearing and site preparation services provide our customers with a great start to their roadworks and construction projects.


Driveway & Sidewalk Construction

Whether you need a new driveway, sidewalk or path on your property, we build them to last! We ensure to use techniques that improve soil stability, decrease erosion and weed growth and encourage proper drainage, leaving you with a high quality, worry-free result for years to come. *Note: We only handle gravel driveways/sidewalks and rough-ins/preparations. While we do not pour concrete ourselves, we can recommend skilled companies who do, and will still ensure the highest standards are met for our clients.


Rock Walls

Building rock walls requires a keen eye and the ability to fit rocks together that maximize stability and strength. For new rock wall projects, care is taken to choose the best rocks available from our suppliers, which also improves the overall look of the finished project. For rebuilds of existing rock walls, we will use as much of the existing rock as possible alongside new rocks, depending on the clients’ desire. At the end of the project, if a client does not wish to keep the old unused rocks, we can haul them away for their convenience.


Other Services

Our services go beyond excavation! We also offer flatbed trailer services for your transportation needs (24,000lbs max weight). Contact us for more information.

Reducing Impact

Environmental Impact

As a commitment to reducing environmental impact, we are always looking for ways to deliver quality residential projects to our clients by reusing existing material whenever possible.

Budget Impact

Making your dollar stretch is important to us and we will do our best to maximize your savings (or put it towards your next project!) by reusing material wherever we are able to.

Great Excavation and People Skills

Howard Blair

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As a young child, Howard spent his days under vehicles learning how to fix cars and trucks with his father, a mechanic and heavy equipment operator. The bond created by this time spent together ignited a love for all kinds of machines in Howard. His natural aptitude for mechanics and operating abilities, strong work ethic and high standards for precision workmanship have led to Howard excelling at anything and everything he has put his mind to.

His humble nature and care for others has made him a natural leader, raising standards and morale wherever he has worked. Howard has gained extensive experience in many fields throughout his career, from owning his own meat shop to obtaining his class 1 license and driving trucks both in Jamaica and here in Canada. He is a born problem-solver and is able to find solutions to whatever challenges arise with ease.

When he isn’t working, Howard enjoys spending time with his family and working with cars (both rebuilding and racing), which is a huge part of his Jamaican heritage (along with the food!).

Howard looks forward to continuing to build this business as well as lasting relationships with his clients, both old and new. He and his family look forward to serving you soon for all your residential improvement needs!

who we are

About Blair Excavating

We are Howard and Shannon Blair, and we started Blair Excavating to provide exceptional residential excavation service to our customers, with a focus on high-quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. As a husband-and-wife team, we believe our individual abilities combine well to produce a unique service for our customers that goes well beyond excavation.


Our Mission

Our daily mission is to serve others. This simple statement means that our focus is operating with integrity, and our customers needs are our top priority. By making fairness, respect, and high-quality workmanship a priority, we build lasting relationships with our customers. We strive to do everything we can to save you time, money and energy for your next project.


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At Blair Excavating, we look forward to meeting you and working with you to create the perfect excavation solution for your property. For more information, or to book an assessment, contact us:

(250) 240-0104

Errington, BC